Diocesan Green Mass highlights Season of Creation

St. Meinrad gathering fills The Bauerhaus



Diocesan Eucharistic Congress set for January 2024



Lilly Fellowship ‘worth the wait’ for St. John, Newburgh’s Elizabeth Flatt




Catechetical Sunday: ‘Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened’




Wisdom Day in Vincennes draws large crowd



Formation Day program focuses on ‘Abiding in the Eucharistic Jesus’

The Message Ministry Supplement - No. 3 - September 2023

This supplement to the digital edition of The Message appears monthly and features news and information about ministries across the Diocese of Evansville, and the events they are sponsoring.

Catholic Ministries Appeal

As Bishop Joseph M. Siegel notes in his “Bishop’s Corner” column this week, what was formerly known as the Catholic Parishes Campaign — or CPC — is now called the Catholic Ministries Appeal. This renaming is more than just a cosmetic change; it represents a refocusing on the purpose of the appeal and on how the funds collected are used.

Marriage Preparation in the Diocese of Evansville

The Diocese of Evansville, through the Office of Family & Life, provides marriage preparation for couples wanting to get married in the Catholic Church. Marriage preparation is quite different than wedding preparation; but for both to occur, the couple’s first step is to contact their parish.

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p02 - Keith Hart - St. Peter Parish, Montgomery

Seminarian profile: Keith Hart

Seminary: St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology, St. Meinrad

Projected ordination year: Priesthood Ordination Class of 2025

Home Parish: St. Peter Parish, Montgomery

Learn more about Seminarian Keith Hart here.

New book inspired by missionary priest who is a son of the Diocese

Every second-grade classroom and elementary school library in Diocese of Evansville Catholic schools recently received a copy of a newly published book based on the life of a missionary priest who is a son of the Diocese of Evansville. Administrators received the books in late August.

“Tiny Teak,” co-authored by Mary Ellen Ziliak and Lucy Ziliak Will and illustrated by Joan Dewig deJong, is based on the life of Divine Word Missionary Father Jerome “Jerry” Ziliak.

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A new stage in seminary life

Photo by Ed Kuhn, special to The Message

Father Tyler Tenbarge, left, Eliott Church, Father Christopher Droste, Landon Wagner, Bishop Joseph M. Siegel, Nick Freberger, Father Luke Hassler, Jack Martin and Nick Folz pause for a photo in the foyer of the Father Deydier House at Sacred Heart Church in Evansville. Bishop Siegel joined Program Director Father Tyler; Program Spiritual Director Father Luke; and St. Boniface Parish Pastor Father Christopher, who now lives in residence at the Father Deydier House.