A Bright Light Again

Editor’s note: The Diocese of Evansville Office of Catechesis has provided the following poem by Sharon Burger of Jasper.

To win against this present invisible foe that is now amongst us and a threat

We equip ourselves with faith, and trust….the lessons our ancestors taught us to never forget

Now, we go into combat and find refuge by staying safe at home

Yet through all of this isolation from society, we are never alone

God’s promise is that he will be with us always and in all our days

Let us lean on Him for all things and especially during this pandemic craze

As we wait in the spirit of hope…for this danger to subside

We pray for strength and endurance, as we manage this challenging rollercoaster ride

So when the time is right for families and friends to gather once again around the table

Let us remember those who put their life on the line to make our world stable

In our hometown, anywhere, and in any place

Let us look forward to the time when we will again be able to meet face to face

In the whole realm of this experience, when we think this has to be the worst

We can look to models of faith through all the ages who lived by the motto to seek God first

Let us pray that all citizens of this world will open their hearts to allow God to enter

So that we can know the joy of living during a time in which God is front and center

Let that be among our prayers as we lament and pray for God’s protective hand

To be the light in our darkness….and that with His help and guidance….together we will stand

COVID 19 – we can turn it around

Read Psalm 91 – in which our refuge, our rock, and our strength can be found

During this time of uncertainty and in facing the unknown

Let us acknowledge the risk, the loss of life; and the great sacrifices that are being shown

As we move forward with trust and hope, a power on which we can always rely

A visible regard for others is being molded…to that we can testify

So let’s reach out to others in a way that we can

Let’s be a bridge for a better time….when the dimness becomes a bright light again

Sharon Burger is a member of Holy Family Parish in Jasper.