Catholic Charities continues Neighbor to Neighbor expansion

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Denise Seibert Townsend, second from left, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Evansville, receives a grant from the Welborn Baptist Foundation, which is providing ongoing support for Catholic Charities’ Neighbor to Neighbor Program, Shown with Denise are Don Chaudoin, left, Welborn Baptist Foundation board member and chair of the Christ-Centered Living Subcommittee; Deborah Wilson, outreach program coordinator of Catholic Charities; and Stephanie Roland, Welborn Baptist Foundation board member and member of the Christ-Centered Living Subcommittee. Submitted photos

With support from Welborn Baptist Foundation, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Evansville plans to continue its efforts to expand the organization’s Neighbor to Neighbor program. The program is a faith-based, life-skills-education program that helps families move away from financial dependence on social-service agencies and move towards self-sufficiency. To assist with this expansion, Catholic Charities will train additional volunteers to be facilitators who will help lead the Neighbor to Neighbor program. 

Participants focus on goal-setting in the areas of finance, faith, health and community. Upon the successful completion of the Neighbor to Neighbor program, participants earn a stipend toward their rent, utilities or other appropriate expense that will move the person forward to help achieve their goals.  

Support for the expansion is being provided through a $10,000 grant from the Welborn Baptist Foundation. In addition, the Foundation will provide Catholic Charities up to an additional $20,000 in matching funds for each dollar raised by Catholic Charities. In total, Welborn Baptist Foundation will provide Catholic Charities $30,000 in funding if Catholic Charities raises $20,000 in matching funds. 

A large crowd attended the recent grant luncheon hosted by the Welborn Baptist Foundation.

Catholic Charities began expanding the Neighbor to Neighbor program in 2021 with support from Welborn Baptist Foundation.  During this time, 87 percent of participants have reported increased financial wellness and confidence from the start of the program through graduation. 

“We are grateful for the continued support of the Welborn Baptist Foundation and excited for the opportunity to involve more community members, both as participants and volunteers, in the Neighbor to Neighbor program. This program is a journey that strengthens families and communities,” said Denise Seibert Townsend, Director of Catholic Charities.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or attending the Neighbor to Neighbor program, please call Catholic Charities at 812-423-5456. 

If you are interested in making a donation to help Catholic Charities meet its $20,000 fundraising goal needed for the grant-matching funds, please contact Denise Seibert Townsend at 812-423-5456 or [email protected]. Contributions may be mailed to Catholic Charities Diocese of Evansville; 2111 Stringtown Road; Evansville, IN 47711.