Catholic Schools Update in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Dr. Daryl Hagan

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

We all are adjusting to the changes in our lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our dedicated school administrators and teachers continue to ensure that students are engaging in high-quality learning; providing opportunities where appropriate to interact virtually with teachers and school friends; creating virtual experiences for their faith to grow; while maintaining a sense of community.

Holy Week

Bishop Joseph M. Siegel has released a video message to Catholic school students which can be accessed at I encourage all students and families to begin your Holy Week journey by viewing his message on Monday of Holy Week.

The Catholic Schools Office, in conjunction with school administrators, have created a Holy Week activities sheet to provide simple, easy to do activities to ensure our students have a prayerful and meaningful Holy Week. Your Catholic school will be sending this to you prior to Holy Week. As you participate in the activities, please share on social media using the hashtag #EVDIOHW.

Meals for Students

Please continue to seek out locations in your county that are providing free meals for students. Most of these locations are at a nearby public school. Please be assured that your children are welcomed and encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

Educational Resources

We successfully completed the first week of our 4/1 extended learning format. Students received four days of extended learning with today (Friday) being a professional and planning day for our dedicated teachers. Students and parents are provided numerous platforms to communicate with their teachers and administrators. Please utilize these opportunities to seek clarity on assignments and/or ask for help.

Mental Health Resources

We are blessed to have Catholic Charities and Youth First counselors who partner with us to provide mental health resources to students and families. Please reach out to them and seek their services if needed. Contact your school principal if you need assistance making this connection.

I am grateful to all those invested in Catholic schools and I am confident that our schools, in collaboration with students, parents, parishes and communities, will come out of this crisis stronger and more united around our unique mission to form students as disciples of Christ.