Corpus Christi School Academic Excellence Banquet 2024

By Julie Hoon

Special to The Message

University of Southern Indiana President Dr. Ron Rochon addresses Corpus Christi School students and families at a May 16 Academic Excellence banquet. Submitted photo

“Dream big. Work hard. Listen to what God has put in your heart. And remember, students, the world belongs to you!” These words rang loudly from Dr. Ron Rochon, University of Southern Indiana’s president, as he addressed students, parents, grandparents and faculty at the Corpus Christi School Academic Excellence Banquet May 16.

The event included an opening prayer by Deacon Tom Goebel, a catered breakfast and an awards ceremony honoring 32 Academic High Honors students and 29 Academic Honors for students in grades 5-8 from the 2023-2024 school year. Principal Andrea Greaney distributed awards and Rochon served as the event’s guest speaker.

Rochon greeted the audience by saying, “We are amazingly positioned because of these young people. They will be handed the baton of leadership before they know it. I get excited about young people who are going far and doing big things with their lives.”

Rochon first addressed the students. He reminded them that they are already mentors and leaders because younger kids are watching them and want to be like them when they are older. He encouraged them to never forget that they are role models. He explained how life will present different distractions for them to consume, from social media challenges to difficult decisions to life obstacles. “Fortunately,” Rochon continued, “God has blessed you with a brain, the potential, and the possibility to do whatever you want. Be very careful and make sure you’re exercising strong decisions.”

Next, Rochon addressed parents and grandparents. He emphasized, “Be bold. Practice discernment, engagement, routes of safety. We don’t have enough courageous conversations. Find ways to engage honestly and courageously with your children.”

Rochon concluded by expressing how our nation and the globe need our young people now more than ever. He said the work ahead of them will be hard work, serious work, but with big dreams and God in their heart, the world belongs to them. He emboldened them to face resiliency with joy, challenges with an attitude of success, and diversity with recognition that those before us faced adversity, and we are better because of it.