Diocese announces Bruté Society 2020 inductees

By Tim Lilley

The Message editor

Editor’s note: The full list of 2020 inductees into The Bruté Society appears on page 5 of this issue. Also, Director of Stewardship Matt Potter writes about The Bruté Societyin his column, which appears on page 8.

The Diocese of Evansville announces the 2020 inductees into the Bruté Society, which annually recognizes individuals chosen by their parishes for their ongoing commitment to stewardship.

Normally, Bishop Joseph M. Siegel honors the annual induction class with a Mass and induction ceremony at St. Benedict Cathedral in Evansville. As we all know, however, nothing about 2020 can ever be considered normal.

Initially, diocesan officials planned to celebrate two Masses – one at the cathedral for honorees from parishes in the South and West Deaneries, and one at St. Joseph Parish in Jasper for honorees from the North and East Deaneries. However, following the advice of local health officials – and after consulting with Matt Potter, Director of Stewardship, and other diocesan advisors – Bishop Siegel made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Bruté Society Masses and Induction ceremonies due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases around the diocese. 

Bishop Joseph M. Siegel blesses the Bruté Society medals, pins and certificates at the Diocese of Evansville Catholic Center. Bishop Siegel made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Bruté Society Masses and Induction ceremonies due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases around the diocese. The awards will be distributed to parishes so that local ceremonies can be scheduled to honor 2020 Bruté Society inductees. The Message photo by Tim Lilley

Bishop Siegel has blessed the Bruté awards, which will be distributed to parishes so that local ceremonies can be scheduled to honor 2020 Bruté Society inductees. 

Bishop Siegel deeply regrets not being able to personally welcome the new members of the Society, but he feels the cancellation of the ceremonies is necessary to help protect the health of the honorees.

More about the Bruté Society

The Bruté Society was established in 1990 as an official activity of the diocese. It is named for Servant of God Bishop Simon Bruté, who was appointed the first bishop of Vincennes in 1834. At that time, the territory of the Vincennes Diocese included all of Indiana as well as about one third of Illinois – including Chicago. The name “The Bruté Society” represents the rich spiritual and historical heritage of the present Diocese of Evansville.

Membership in The Bruté Society is limited to lay persons who are registered members of one of the parishes of the Diocese of Evansville. Ordained clergy and religious are not eligible. Under ordinary circumstances, the Parish Council is responsible for selecting and vetting the parish’s honoree(s) for membership, subject to the approval of the pastor.  The names of those chosen are then forwarded to the diocese for induction into the Society.

2020 Bruté Society Inductees

Following are the 2020 inductees into The Bruté Society.


St. Philip Neri Parish: Mark and Denise Dillon; Leah Singleton.


Holy Name of Jesus Parish: Sharon Conley; Sue Yake.


St. Clement Parish: Robert and Janice Lincoln; Forrest and Madonna Malone.


St. Isidore the Farmer Parish: Ray and Aileen Lueken; Maurice and Karen Pund.


St. Martin I Parish: Gary Elliot.


St. Francis of Assisi Parish: Lucille Dooley; Sherry and Dan Etienne; Erick and Tammy Taylor; Stephanie Wollenman.


St. John the Evangelist Parish: Brandon and Janet M. Dilger; Don Gillies; Stephen and Rita Koressel; Matthew and Mandy Keener.


All Saints Parish:  Janie Allen; Mary Lou Berendes; Brenda Meyer; Jim Tolen.

Annunciation Parish: Don and Beth Roberts; Kevin Sitzman; Catherine Spindler.

Corpus Christi Parish: Raymond and Janette Gries; Greg and Karen Hamilton; Todd and Julie Loehr; Denny and Cassie Quinn.

Good Shepherd Parish: Deacon Dan and Nancy DeCastra; Rick and Sarah Gahagen; Luan Greubel; Kent Kleiman.

Holy Redeemer Parish: Brendan and Laurie McKenzie; Keith and Sharon Kutzler; Chris and Rose Sartore; Marianne Webster.

Holy Rosary Parish: Elaine Baumgart; Joe and Patsy DeVault; Dave and Sue Gries; Bob Moffett; Velmarie Sitzman.

Resurrection Parish: Genell Debes; Theresa Frielinghausen; Dan and Laura Niemeier; Marilyn Wassmer.

St. Benedict Cathedral Parish: Flavien and Kathleen Elpers; Douglas and Tracy Griffin; Gene and Bert Schmidt.

St. Boniface Parish: Norbert and Mary Brenner; Stephen and Carol Grannan; Alan and Kathryn Tenbarge; Sharon Thompson.

Sts. Mary and John Parish: Tony and Nancy Russell; Ralph Daniel Zint.


Christ the King Parish: Steve and Lori Grundhoefer; Michael and Judy Lindauer; Greg and Mickie Paulin; Oscar and Karen Sherman; Michael J. Steckler; Gene and Debbie Steinkamp.

Fort Branch

Holy Cross Parish: Wanda Sue Englert; Greg Perkins.


St. James Parish: Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Karen Gries.

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish: Helen M. Kiesel; Mark Lutz.


St. Mary Parish: Jesse Bachman; Joe and Norma Blackgrove; Kim Kendall; Carol Libbert.


St. Mary Parish: Martin and Maria Lara; Tom and Denise Miller; Mark and Marlene Schroeder; Leonard and Connie Spellmeyer; Marvin and Audrey Wehr; Scot and Mandy Harris.


Holy Family Parish: Paul and Karen Sue Flicker; Patti Hasenour; Johnnie Heek; Jim and Dana Krodel.

Precious Blood Parish: Keith Ackerman; Gary and Linda Dall; Sharon Williams.

St. Joseph Parish: Scott and Alison Brandt; Lana Fierst; Jason Nord; Mary Ann Seng; Julie Stone; Van and Nancy Ziegler.


St. Peter Parish: Jerry and Becky Price; Dorothy Soliday.


St. John the Evangelist Parish: Rick Bauer; Mary A. Gates; Lynn Gee; Krista Sims; Sandra Woods.


St. Peter Parish: Robert and Colleen Behme; Louis Jr. and Elizabeth Kavanaugh.

Mount Vernon

St. Matthew Parish: Don and Elizabeth Baier; Mary Ann and Mick Shrode.


St. John the Baptist Parish: Lonny Davis; Janis Garrison; Eldon Hopkins; Wendel Martin; Jeff Sickman; Summer Wright.

Oakland City

Blessed Sacrament Parish: Emily Ann Schwomeyer; Geryl Wright.


Sts. Peter and Paul Parish: Janet Clare Houchin.

Posey County

St. Philip Parish: Jay and Paula Fleck; Randy and Angela Wargel.


St. Francis Xavier Parish: Mike and Judy Baehl; Marilyn Marshall and Gregory Allen Marshall.


St. Joseph Parish: Bryan and Megan Edwards; Jeffrey and Angela Paul; Angela Walden; Mrs. Linda Yeryar.


St. Bernard Parish: Brett and Lana Schulte; Melissa and Nick Miller.

Snake Run

St. Bernard Parish: Bernie and Lori Spindler; Gloria Sterczer.

St. Anthony

Divine Mercy Parish: Mike and Terri Bell; Ernest and Eileen Hochgesang; Ryan Kempf; Matthew Mehling

St. Wendel

St. Wendel Parish: Tony and David Berkemeier; Wayne Fehrenbacher; Ruth Kissel; Francis and Hilda Spahn.

Vanderburgh County

St. Joseph Parish: Terry Drone; Steve and Lea Elliot; Rick and Pauline Elpers; Kathy and Roger Hall.


St. Francis Xavier Parish: Amy J. Cardinal; Phyllis and Mike Haag; Judy and John Kiger.


Our Lady of Hope Parish: Earl John Jerger; Jim and Susie Pfoff; Martin and Maria Serrano; Ray and Linda Wagler.

For more information on The Bruté Society, please contact your pastor or diocesan Director of Stewardship Matt Potter. Email Matt at [email protected].