Diocese postpones Red, White, Blue Masses

Special to The Message

Due to the ongoing challenges created by the COVID-19 outbreak – and exercising an abundance of caution – the Diocese of Evansville is postponing celebrations of the Red (for members of the legal profession), White (for those in medicine and healthcare) and Blue (for law enforcement and all first-responders) Masses. The Masses will be rescheduled in 2021.

Bishop Joseph M. Siegel and all of the diocesan staff believe the decision to postpone the Mass is a big step toward assuring the continued health and safety of all involved. Everyone involved remains extremely grateful for these groups’ service to the communities across our 12 counties, especially during the pandemic when they are facing the most challenging of times.

Bishop Siegel is asking parishes across the diocese to include a Mass petition on the Sunday nearest Sept. 29 for our police and other first responders; the Sunday nearest Oct. 18 for healthcare workers; and a Sunday in the fall for Judges and all others in the legal profession.