Feeling the impact of Coronavirus


Before a couple of months ago, I was not sure this was even an actual word. Now you cannot look anywhere that you don’t see it.

Even my four-year-old nephew knows this word. The impact of this virus has been felt by … well, I cannot think of any aspect of our lives that it has not impacted. Most of us have had to make changes in our everyday lives. For some it means staying at home, communicating differently and relying on our phones, computers and technology.

Things are a bit challenging right now; there is fear and uncertainty about how things will work out and what the future will hold. It is often hard to not get caught up in the chaos and let the stress overwhelm you. We have heard the steps we should take to minimize the spread of the virus many times – to wash our hands often for at least 20 seconds, to quarantine ourselves and to practice “social distancing.”

Distancing ourselves from our co-workers, friends, family and social gatherings is such a strange and uncomfortable feeling at times. We can feel isolated. We are out of our usual routine and just a bit uneasy in general. This is especially tough for our young adults and folks who enjoy being with others.

I went to the grocery store – not really even knowing what to buy. I found myself starting to worry about so many things I was almost becoming overwhelmed. When I got home I paused and I sat; I let myself  become aware of not being isolated but being in solitude.

Even with people around me, I took time to breathe and find peace in this moment. In this time of uncertainty I am trying to focus on the things I know. I know I have much to be thankful for; I know God is watching over us; I know we are not alone.

I know if we invite God into our lives He will always be there. I know that our prayers for one another are important, especially when we are apart. Please be safe and continue to care for one another.