Let’s pray the Rosary together



My brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,

As we face the many challenges of our day, there are few prayer practices that I have found to be more powerful than the recitation of the Rosary of our Lady. Stories abound from Catholics and non-Catholics alike of the healing that flows from the recitation of the rosary. And why not? It is the contemplation of the events in the lives of history’s two most influential persons … Jesus Christ and His mother, Mary.

There is closeness and deeper understanding of the indivisible relationship between Mary and Jesus that develops through frequent recitation of the rosary. It is subtle at times and jarring at others. Gradually one finds oneself entering more fully and understanding more completely one’s own intimate, profound and unique role in this history of salvation. Through this pilgrimage (if you will) of contemplating the lives of Jesus and Mary, we come to understand that Mary always points to her Son; completing her own intimate, profound and unique role in this history of salvation.

In concert with the Consecration of our Diocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Sept. 12, beginning in October (2020), the Office of Family & Life wishes to invite individuals, parishes and the Diocesan community to pray the rosary together monthly until the following October, similar to Saint John Paul II’s Year of the Rosary in 2002. Those who wish to participate are encouraged to pray the rosary on the first Saturday of each month. However, if this is not possible, please don’t let that stop you.

What better time to encourage family and community prayer in the rosary? Fr. Patrick Peyton’s message of “a family that prays together stays together” still rings true, not only for our individual families but also for our parish families and our diocesan family.

Some suggested/possible Intentions:

  1. In Thanksgiving for our many blessings and gifts
  2. For the specific intentions of our Blessed Mother, Mary and her Son, Jesus Christ
  3. For the intercession by our Blessed Mother, Mary, in our Diocese, our country and in the world
  4. For a reclamation of the inalienable rights of all human life, from conception to natural death
  5. For our young people and our families
  6. For all vocations: For the Single Life, the Married Life and the Ordained Life
  7. For our personal intentions
  8. For protection from evil in its many physical and spiritual forms
  9. For the impoverished
  10. For the intentions of Pope Francis and Bishop Joseph Siegel

Go here for more information, prayer dates and to be counted in this diocesan-wide prayer by entering your parish name. Our Rosary Map will be updated weekly to show those participating! http://www.evdio.org/the-rosary.html

Mary, our Mother … Pray for us!