Meet seminarian Nicholas Sellers

By Nicholas Sellers

Special to The Message

First Theology, North American College, Rome

Home parish: Holy Cross

My mom and dad, Amy and Jeff, raised my four brothers and me just on the edge of the town of Fort Branch. My home was full of sports, theatre and many adventures. Amidst all our journeys as a family, I came to realize going to Mass every Sunday was our No. 1 priority.

The first time I perceived the Lord speaking to my heart was in adoration during a Source and Summit retreat when I was in the seventh grade. He filled me with meaning like nothing ever had before.

In high school, I played football, basketball and baseball. I was also involved with theatre and our high school youth group. I got to form many great friendships.

I decided to go to seminary when I finally surrendered to the desire that the Lord had put on my heart to follow him. In discerning God’s will, there are times when we have to just take the next step and God will lead us from there.

When I got to seminary, the adventure of following Christ continued. I have been blessed to go on Mission trips, pilgrimages and numerous ministry assignments; but above all, my relationship with God has grown through beautiful and challenging moments.

While in the seminary, I have been overwhelmed with the support and prayers of the people of God. It is people’s love that reminds me of why I keep striving to do God’s will.

The most helpful thing you can do to encourage vocations is to express how a priest has impacted your life. It is always powerful to hear how a priest has allowed you to encounter the face of God.