Prayer is very powerful

Lesley Gerster

Before I decided to be a music education major, I prayed. When I began my college career in the Fall of 2018, I felt confident that I was going to become a music teacher. I still continued to pray; especially on the hard days when I felt I had made a mistake in my career path. I would pray, “Lord, you know my heart, you know what is best for me, guide me and I will follow.”

During the second semester of my freshman year, I knew that becoming a music teacher wasn’t my vocation, but I was too stubborn to admit it. God had shown me where my talents lay and where I needed to use them. Following his plan regardless of my original plan was easier said than done.

About six months later, during the first semester of my sophomore year, I had a breakdown. I called my mom crying. I was frustrated with myself and scared to take the next step in changing my major – although I knew that was what I needed to do. I felt relieved like the cloud that had been over my head since last fall had blown away and I could finally see the sun again.

Before I could really start filling out any paperwork though I needed to call my sister. The next morning I called the Religious Sisters of Mercy in Alma, Michigan, where my sister is currently in her novitiate year. When I told her the situation she reassured me that I was making the right choice.

She then told me that in the last letter I had written to her, I sounded miserable. From then on, she prayed that I would change my major.

After I hung up I went through the process of officially changing my major to elementary education. Prayer is very powerful. For every big decision in my life, I pray. Through prayer, God has shown me that music, for me, is how I worship him. It wasn’t something that I was supposed to make a career out of. Instead, I am called to find creative ways to inspire elementary students in the classroom. 

Lesley Gerster is a sophomore Elementary Education major from Fishers, Indiana. She serves as the University of Evansville Newman Club’s Music and Liturgy Chair.