Questions and answers about resumption of parish activities

By The Message staff

Following are some common questions related to the resumption of parish activities, with basic answers. Please check with your pastor if you have additional questions or need more information.

Q – Our wedding is rescheduled for late July. Does this mean we can hold a reception in the parish hall?

A – Yes; but social-distancing guidelines should be followed, and the parish must have the ability to fully clean and sanitize the parish hall before and after your reception.

Q – Will my parish be able to host hospitality again after weekend Masses (e.g. coffee or doughnuts)?

A – Although there will be no restriction on this, social distancing guidelines should be followed and the parish must clean and sanitize the area(s) used before and after every Mass.

Q – Our parish social is always in August. Can we still have it?

A – Because of social-distancing guidelines, events like socials and other fundraisers will be difficult to hold successfully. Should any parish move forward with a social or other fundraising event, they should follow social-distancing guidelines and develop detailed plans for cleaning and sanitizing before and after every day of the event(s) in question.

Q – If we wish, can we still hold committee meetings and other virtual gatherings using online tools like Zoom?

A – There is no reason that appropriate meetings cannot continue using a virtual format – especially if those meetings involve committees or other groups whose membership includes people in the high-risk categories.

Q – When can senior members of my parish start coming to Mass again?

A – Guidelines continue to encourage those age 65 and older and those of any age with underlying health issues should adhere to social-distancing guidelines and remain cautious at work and in their communities. They may also want to bring personal hand sanitizer (to use it before and after Mass, and before and after receiving Communion), as well as a face mask.

Q – Do I still have to wear a facemask to Mass?

A – While the last stage of the state plan calls for face masks to be optional, parishes will continue to determine facemask requirements for their Masses and other events. 

Q – Will I be able to take Communion to the sick and homebound as of June 30?

A – It is our hope that by the time we reach the last stage of the state plan on July 4 that we will be able to resume Holy Communion to the sick and homebound.