Seminarian Profile – Christopher Wickman

Name: Christopher Wickman

What are your parents’ names? Charles and Roberta Wickman

Current Parish: Our Lady of Hope, Washington

What kinds of ministries were you involved in at your parish? What kinds of Diocesan retreats/events have you attended that have been helpful?

When I was younger, I was an altar server and then ministered as a lector and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion after I was confirmed. I also volunteered a lot in the church and served the less fortunate as part of high school and college club projects. I continued all of these ministries (except altar serving) through my adult life, and it has always been very rewarding to serve others.

Diocesan vocation discernment retreats, youth days and Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) retreats helped renew my faith and stay close to God through His presence and the presence of others.

When did you start thinking of priesthood? What made you think of it?

I have been thinking of priesthood off and on (mostly off!) since about 3rd grade. The priests and vocations director through my formative middle school and high school years kept me interested, but I think God wanted me to experience the world I would be ministering to before truly discerning a little over three years ago.

What aspect of priestly ministry is most attractive to you? Why?

Priests live their lives to selflessly serve God's people. I have always loved serving others without wanting anything in return, so I am looking forward to doing this on a daily basis through celebrating the sacraments, lending an understanding ear, sharing blessings and words of encouragement, and being present in times of need.

What gives you hope for the Catholic Church today?

Among others, the solid enrollment of seminarians at St. Meinrad. While I can't speak universally about all seminaries, I am pleased with the number and quality of faith-filled seminarians at St. Meinrad from around the world who are discerning God's call.

What Scripture passage hits home with you the most these days? Why?

Psalm 46, especially "God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in distress. Thus we do not fear...." and "Be still, and know that I am God!" We must always remember that God is here with us, no matter what we are going through. And rather than trying to sort things out on our own, it is sometimes better to sit in silence and listen for the voice of God.

What things do you find life-giving? (Reading? If so, what have you read? Movies? If so, what movies have you enjoyed? Music? If so, what music moves you? Hiking, exercising? Explain why.)

Appreciating nature is most life-giving to me. Everything from the tallest mountain to a blade of grass is unique and has a purpose. Watching wildlife interact with each other and their environment is especially interesting to me.

What is the hardest part of going to seminary? What are you most excited about this year for seminary?

The most difficult part of seminary is making my rather technical and analytical mind play well with the coursework, class discussions, and assignments, which involves a lot of reading and writing. I am, however, looking forward to growing into a deeper understanding and appreciation of our faith through studies and more social conversations with other seminarians. Never having to leave the building when it's cold out is a bonus, too!