Seminarian profile: Landon Wagner

Seminary: Propaedeutic Stage, Father Deydier House of Discernment, Evansville

Projected ordination year: 2031

Home Parish: Holy Redeemer Parish, Evansville

Parents: Vince and Kristi Wagner

Siblings: I have two younger sisters, Jaeden and Raegan

College (prior to seminary):

University of Southern Indiana in Evansville

Favorite meal or snack: Sushi

What I do in my “down time:” I enjoy making rosaries and playing disc golf with friends.

Bucket list vacation destination: I would love to visit Norway and stay in a small fishing village on the coast. I can’t imagine a more serene culture and landscape to be immersed in.

The priest or deacon who baptized you: Father Jay Davidson

The priest who heard your First Confession: Father Jay Davidson

Your Confirmation Saint: My confirmation Saint is St. Michael. When I began looking for a saint to choose, I asked my mother why she didn’t name me after a saint, and she told me she wanted to make my middle name Michael, but there was already a famous Landon Michael that she had no desire to associate me with.

Favorite Bible verse: James 1:5. I love this verse because it gives me confidence that where my understanding fails, God is there waiting for me to reach out to Him so that he can reveal more than my limited human understanding could ever gather on its own.