Seminarians lead Master of Ceremonies Training Camp

By Chase Riecker

Special to The Message

Chase Riecker

In early June, Father Tyler Tenbarge, Diocesan Director of Vocations, approached me and fellow seminarian Nathan Folz about coordinating this year's Master of Ceremonies Training Camp. We were both excited to help run such an important event for our diocese. From July 12 through 14, we finally got to see our work come to fruition. 

All the servers arrived around 1 o’clock, and I immediately noticed that they were ready to learn and make new friends in the process. Throughout the week, they learned everything pertaining to the liturgy; from setting the altar and missal to knowing the terms for all liturgical objects that are used during the Mass. Along with this, they were given lectures on the significance of the different parts of the Mass and the reasoning behind these rituals. 

In between these learning sessions, Nathan and I made sure to incorporate games and activities like water-balloon fights, soccer and capture the flag to emphasize the importance of fraternity, most especially at their age. 

Seminarian Deacon Caleb Scherzinger, a son of St. Isidore the Farmer Parish in Celestine, instructs some of the servers attending the MC Training Camp about how to set the altar for Mass.

Throughout the week, I was amazed at their maturity level and how engaged they were with the material. I can confidently say that I saw real development in their understanding of the liturgy, and in their eagerness to piously serve at Mass. 

I would like to thank all the parents and pastors who helped raise such excellent young men, and also the many seminarians and Father Deydier House of Discernment alumni who were indispensable in coordinating this camp. 

Thank you and God bless!

Chase Riecker is a son of St. Isidore the Farmer Parish in Celestine. He will begin First Theology this fall at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.

The 22 attendees line up for a photo following the closing Mass of the MC Training Camp, which was celebrated in St. Boniface Parish’s Sacred Heart Church in Evansville. Their red cassocks and white surplices mimic the vestments worn by young Saints in the Church like St. Dominic Savio and St. John Berchmans. Shown (with their home parishes in parentheses) are Isaiah Goodman (St. Isidore, Celestine), front row left, Eli Clark (St. John the Baptist, Newburgh), Maximilian Carpenter (Christ the King, Ferdinand), Cameron Stratman (Corpus Christi, Evansville), James Keplinger (St. Boniface, Evansville), Dominic McKenzie (Holy Redeemer, Evansville), Caleb Keele (Corpus Christi, Evansville) Middle row: Mark Staley (Good Shepherd, Evansville), middle row left, Patrick Verkamp (Divine Mercy, St. Anthony), Mason Sammet (Corpus Christi, Evansville), Max Boehman (Corpus Christi, Evansville), Everett Berry (St. Joseph, Jasper), Noah Kiesel (St. James, Haubstadt), Henry Bohleber (St. Philip, Posey County) Back rows: Wyatt Voekel (Good Shepherd, Evansville), back row left, Matthew Schroeder (Holy Redeemer, Evansville), Luke Dilger (St. John the Evangelist, Daylight), Ty Mauck (St. John the Evangelist, Daylight), Isaac Ivy (St. Bernard, Snake Run), Lucas Church (Sts. Peter and Paul, Haubstadt), Max Weiss (St. Francis Xavier, Vincennes) and Max Collins (Resurrection, Evansville). Submitted photos courtesy of the Diocesan Office of Vocations