Shroud of Turin presentation slated for March 17 

By John Rohlf

The Message assistant editor 

A replica of the Shroud of Turin is set to be at two different Diocese of Evansville churches over a two-week span. 

The Shroud of Turin replica is slated to be at St. Matthew Parish in Mt. Vernon through March 13. The life-size canvas replica has been at St. Matthew since March 6. The replica will be at St. Philip Parish in Posey County from March 14-21. 

The Shroud of Turin, also known as the Holy Shroud, is a linen cloth that bears a faint image of the front and back of a man believed to be the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ. 

“It’s a valuable relic,” St. Philip Parish Deacon Charlie Koressel said. “And it’s been tested and retested a number of times. And the authenticity of it is pretty affirming. This is a burial cloth of Christ. And it shows so much there about who we are as Catholic Christians on our faith. Just validates our belief in our crucified Lord and what he endured. The cloth reveals a lot about his suffering and his death. And how that’s been miraculously preserved all these centuries.” 

On March 17, St. Philip will host Martha May for a presentation on the Shroud of Turin. May is an expert on the Shroud of Turin. May’s presentation will focus on the details of the Shroud of Turin and how individuals can use the Shroud for Lenten reflection. 

“I am excited to share the beautiful and mysterious attributes of this holy ancient burial cloth at St. Philip,” May said. “My presentation is entitled “The Sorrowful Mysteries and the Shroud of Turin.” I will be discussing the details of the Shroud, including a brief history, modern scientific studies and the characteristics that make this cloth truly unique. But more importantly, I will explain how we can use the Shroud for Lenten reflection to highlight the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and bring us closer to Christ.”

Koressel noted anyone interested can show up on March 17 to attend the presentation, which will begin at 1 p.m. CDT.

We welcome anybody in at that time,” Koressel said. “It’s no special service. It’s specifically an informational presentation and there will be questions and answers afterwards that Martha May will address. It will add another dimension to one’s personal faith life of what’s here for us to witness.”