The star, or a little white chapel

By Mary Kaye Falcony

Connecting Faith and Life

On Jan. 2, we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany, which recounts the journey of the Three Wise Men and their pursuit of a bright star that had appeared in the sky. We all know where the journey leads and who is found – the Son of God, Emmanuel. The imagery that surrounds the story can easily allow us to draw parallels between their story and our own.    

Many of us can distinguish the point in our life when our faith in God and our spiritual life became more pronounced than ever before – a new appearance. The reason for this occurrence is different for all of us; but usually, we have had an encounter or experience that changes us. Often, that experience brings with it an intensity so strong and profound it has the ability to propel us toward Christ.    

Just as the Wise Men faced many challenges in their pursuit of the star, we do as well. We get busy with life – our job, family and friends; or our normal life is interrupted by illness or unexpected difficult situations. Whatever form these distractions take in our lives, there are instances that rise up alongside of them that seem to bring us back to the star. Recently, for me, the journey back came in the form of a small white chapel.

As I drive to and from work every day, I pass by a small white chapel that has made its home on the lawn of someone’s house on Outer Lincoln between Bell Road and Highway 261 in Newburgh. Maybe some of you also are familiar with it. I can’t tell you exactly when it arrived at that spot, but I know it has been a constant fixture for quite a while now.

As I pass by the chapel, it never fails to catch my attention and pique my interest. I often wonder what prompted its placement. I think of how many people have made their way through those doors and what drew them in. I am curious about how many others who pass by daily, like I do, turn their thoughts toward God because of this visual reminder that we are not alone. 

I do not know the story of this little white chapel, but I ask God to bless the loving people who have made it their mission to share the faith and hope they possess with their small part of the world. This may not be a bright star lighting up the sky, but it certainly is a notable sign for the many travelers who pass by daily. For some, it may be the encounter or experience that draws them in; and for others, like me, it might be drawing them back from daily distractions to remind them who they belong to.

My prayer for us all in this New Year is that our lives may be filled with as many stars or little white chapels as we may need to always draw us back to source of our joy and hope.