Where there is love, there is labor



“We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

The Three Persons of the Holy Trinity presented mankind with the greatest act of love and labor in the work of creation. In the doctrine of the Apostles, we declare the Father as Creator of heaven and earth; the Scripture speaks of the Son from Whom all things were made; and the Holy Spirit of God that moved over the waters. “Consider the work of God. Who can make straight what God has made crooked?” (Ecclesiastes 7:13).

In Genesis, we read about the fruits of these wonderful blessings in the Garden of Eden and how they were shattered. The covenant of love provided for our first parents was broken by man’s fall from grace. We must remember it was sin – disobedience to God – that caused this ruin. Throughout salvation history, disobedience to God has destroyed nations; and the consequences have produced turbulent times. We are living in a divided, disordered and confused society. St. Paul told the Colossians: Whatever you do, do from the heart, as for the Lord and not for others, knowing that you will receive from the Lord the due payment of the inheritance; be slaves of the Lord Christ” (Col 3:23-24).

It takes a great deal of energy and hard work to create a loving environment. Whether in our family home, the work place, our church community, our neighborhood or wherever people gather, we have a duty as Christians to provide God’s love to others. It is not always easy! But I find love being shared every day because I am looking for the opportunity. There are love and labor on playgrounds, baseball fields, gardens, farm fields, parking lots, businesses and in the fellowship of our churches to name some examples. We have been conditioned to lose sight of these little acts of love with distractions from our phones or the news we watch and read, which rarely report real heroes of the day.

I have been reading “The Catechism of the Council of Trent” also known as the Roman Catechism, which was commissioned by Pope Pius V during the Catholic Counter-Reformation, and published in 1566. It was written primarily for parish priests having care of souls. It was equaled by no other catechism until Pope John Paul II commissioned the Catechism of the Catholic Church in 1992. The most recent catechism sums up the beliefs of the Catholic faithful as a guide for everything we need to know about what we believe and practice. The Deposit of Faith reveals truth in the Scriptures and tradition proposed by the Roman Catholic Church for the baptized. We are blessed with guidance!

As I study the material from this 455-year-old Catechism, I realize how much love is exhausted in the work of saving souls. God declared from the beginning that faith in Him was needed for our salvation. Why is there any confusion about our duties in a community of believers?

God has given each of us incredible abilities to make tomorrow better than today! Over 200 years ago, a dream was made possible for our country. People were free to worship as one nation under God, and express his or her right to give thanks to God for life and liberty. Since that time, we have devolved into a godless society. We may have better technology, bigger homes, more success in terms of monetary value; but there is less gratitude to God for all He provides for us. Have we lost sight of the vision for the United States of America? You never value something you were given, as much as something you worked hard for. Where there is love there is labor! Thank you Lord for loving us into existence with truth that leads us to be faithful in this world and not of this world. Keep soldiering, soldiers! Christ is counting on you! Amen!