A brief history of Holy Trinity Parish

Editor’s note: Following is the complete text of the brief history of Holy Trinity Parish that was included in the time capsule that Bishop Joseph M. Siegel opened Oct. 19 – the 64th anniversary of its placement in the cornerstone of Holy Trinity Church.


Was established by Father Francis Kutassi in the latter part of the year 1848. The cornerstone was laid by Bishop St. Palais on Trinity Sunday in the year 1849. Father Kutassi blessed the church on the Feast of Pentecost in the year 1851. Father Kutassi died on October 27, 1874.

Father Julius P. P. Duddenhausen was appointed pastor in 1875 and continued to be pastor until his death in the year 1886. Father Duddenhausen also died on October 27.

The third pastor of Holy Trinity was Father Henry J. Diestel. Father Diestel held this pastorate from 1886 until his death in the year 1907. Father Diestel also died on October 27.

Father F. X. Unterreitmeier was pastor from 1907 to 1933. Father Unterreitmeier became a Monsignor; he died on December 6.

He was succeeded in 1934 by the Right Reverend Monsignor A. J. Sprigler.

Holy Trinity parish furnished fifty-six sisters for various sisterhoods and seventeen priests.

Holy Trinity Church was damaged by fire in the year 1950. Now, in the year 1956 a new chapel is being built.