Biking for Babies preparing for 13th year

Special to The Message

Imagine a world where women do not have to make choices out of fear or convenience, but feel empowered to make choices out of love and purpose. Imagine a world where the gift of life is the thing held in the highest respect. Biking for Babies believes in that world, and we are chasing that vision. 

For the 13th year, Biking for Babies is sending out young adults from all over the country to raise awareness and financial support for pregnancy resource centers in America. This July, 56 college students and young adults plan to cover a total of close to 4,000 miles for the babies, women and families served by these pregnancy resource centers. They will ride an average of 17 mph, covering an average of 100 miles per day. Teams that converge in St. Louis on July 16th will leave from Green Bay, Wisconsin; Columbus, Ohio; Natchez, Misssissippi; Dodge City, Kansas; and Minneapolis, Minnesota The team riding into Washington, D.C., will leave from Columbus, Ohio. 

The history of Biking for Babies involves the penetrating story of young adults supporting those in crisis. “This year’s National Ride is going to be a historic event for Biking for Babies, with more missionaries, pregnancy resource centers and routes than ever before,” Executive Director Nikki Biese said. “This is also our first year with two Celebration of Life events: our 5th annual in St. Louis, and our 1st in Arlington, Virginia. This growth speaks well of the desire of young people to put their beliefs into action and support women in unplanned pregnancies.” 

Biking for Babies missionaries ride these miles, sharing the gift of every life in spite of a culture that says otherwise. These young adults train for months, learning about their local pregnancy resource centers and sharing the details of their partnered centers’ primary mission: to provide free support and resources to the women and families who are experiencing an unplanned, difficult, or at-risk pregnancy. Riding with Biking for Babies means these missionaries will go the extra mile to love others and celebrate their dignity unconditionally. 

Director of Mission Advancement Chris Massaro said, “My experience on the National Ride last year was personally transformative, and it’s the same for the rest of our missionaries. These young men and women are driven to actively participate in the pro-life movement through sacrifice, self-gift and charity, and it’s inspiring to witness in a world where people seem more encouraged to talk (or type) than act. We would rather respond to crisis with hope and love.” 

Visit for information on how you can get involved, including cheering on riders; donating; and joining as a young adult next year. Follow Biking for Babies on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Biking for Babies exists to bring light into the darkness of our culture; we exist to invite others into a life of action, to spread hope by our physical witness on the roads. If you see our teams on the road, be sure to cheer them on. Each of us is needed to make a difference. Join us; we’re just getting started.