Letter to the editor

To the Editor,

The late Father Joseph Ziliak's personal possessions sold at auction recently. Father Joe died Feb. 8. 

I only knew him as a beloved priest of the Diocese of Evansville. I saw him a few times at Donut Bank and felt like I did know him. He had a certain charm about him, with a sense of comfort.

When I saw his personal items all lined up and listed for the auction, I cried – seeing what he cherished and used each day being displayed as in the marketplace for strangers to go through, touch and consider for their own uses. It made me sad.

Then, someone reminded me that now, since he is no longer in need of these earthly items, a part of him is being shared by many – some friends, some acquaintances and others as strangers. 

During his Iife, he gave many people care, solace, and love, Now, a part of him continues to spread and bring joy.

As the Lord is the vine and we are the branches, Father Joe's life now reaches others as branches – through what he left on earth to be with his heavenly Father, the Almighty Vine.

God bless Father Joe!

Kathy Zirkelbach

Evansville, Indiana