Celebrating Catholic Schools Week and Choice

By Dr. Daryl Hagan

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

The Catholic Church was the first to take up the work of education within Indiana (Godecker, 1926).  Today, Catholic education remains strong, vibrant and more accessible to families than ever before. The next two weeks highlight the accessibility and values of Catholic schools. 

National School Choice Week is Jan. 23-29. Indiana is a leader in understanding and promoting school-choice options. With the recent expansion of the Indiana School Choice Scholarships, the majority of our families may be eligible for assistance. I encourage current and prospective families to talk with your principals to learn more about the vouchers.

National Catholic Schools Week is Jan. 30-Feb. 5. Catholic Schools Week is celebrated in all 26 Catholic schools with Masses and prayer services, student and parent activities, service projects, as well as fun dress days. Faith, service and strong academics are the hallmarks of Catholic schools.  

What started in Indiana in the 1800’s continues today with a bright future to continue the threefold mission of Catholic schools – to proclaim the Gospel, to build community, and to serve our brothers and sisters. Please join us in advocating for school choice and celebrating Catholic schools.