Diocesan Pastoral Council meets

Special to The Message

The Diocesan Pastoral Council met on Sept. 19 at the Catholic Center in Evansville. The DPC is a consultative body to Bishop Joseph M. Siegel.

After celebrating Mass, Bishop Siegel opened the meeting by explaining that then-Bishop Charles Thompson promulgated a Diocese of Evansville Pastoral Plan in 2016. Several significant developments have occurred since, including the reorganization of parishes and the Stewards of God’s Grace Capital Campaign.

Bishop Siegel is asking priests, the DPC and diocesan directors to review the 2016 plan and offer recommendations on diocesan pastoral priorities.

Dr. Tad Dickel of T.A. Dickel Group, LLC, facilitated DPC discussion. The DPC identified many significant developments that have occurred since 2016; discussed what council members liked about the 2016 plan; and reviewed areas that could be improved and clarified. DPC members also offered suggestions about broad diocesan priorities moving forward. 

The meeting concluded with comments from the Bishop and a Q&A opportunity. The next DPC meeting is scheduled for Nov. 7, 2020.