Diocese honors Bruté Society 2021 inductees

By Megan Erbacher

The Message assistant editor

Bishop Joseph M. Siegel blesses the Bruté Society inductees and their families. The Message photos by Tim Lilley

Bishop Joseph M. Siegel honored the Diocese of Evansville’s 2021 inductees into the Bruté Society by celebrating Mass and with an induction ceremony Nov. 7 at St. Benedict Cathedral in Evansville. 

The Bruté Society annually recognizes individuals chosen by their parishes for their ongoing commitment to stewardship. It was established in 1990 as an official activity of the diocese, and it’s named for Servant of God Bishop Simon Bruté, who was appointed the first bishop of Vincennes in 1834. Membership in The Bruté Society is limited to laypersons who are registered members of a Diocesan parish.

More than 20 priests of the diocese concelebrated Mass with Bishop Siegel. Deacon David Rice assisted, and Diocesan Director of Worship Matt Miller served as Master of Ceremonies. 

Bishop Siegel, right, presents the Bruté Society medal and lapel pin to inductee George W. “Bud” Erler of St. John the Evangelist Parish, Loogootee.

Servers for the Mass were young men who participate in the vocations office's Savio program. They included Caleb Hayden, Ryan Holzmeyer, Noah Betz, Jude Bender and James Elpers.

During his homily, Bishop Siegel said we recognize these men and women from around our diocese who, with God’s grace, have shown themselves the heartfelt, sincere givers the Lord calls us all to be. The bishop said the inductees, each in their way, have strived to express their love for the Lord, our God, through their worship and prayer, through loving their neighbor by laying down their lives in service to others, by generously supporting the ministry of their parish and the diocese, and by witnessing to Christ in all aspects of their lives.

Bishop Siegel talked about different types of givers who have different motivations. He said there are self-concerned givers, who give with the hope of getting something in return; duty givers, who feel obliged to give, so they give reluctantly; then there are thanks givers, who give freely from the heart, out of love.

Bishop Siegel said the thanks givers are the only ones that have any lasting meaning because these people want to give, to offer some token of esteem, care or gratitude.

Each Bruté Society inductee received a medal and lapel pin.

In conclusion, Bishop Siegel said we need to ask ourselves what kind of givers are we; do we give grudgingly, reluctantly and selfishly; or do we give out of love because we know that is what we are called to do?

After Mass, Bishop Siegel offered a blessing and sprinkled holy water on the Bruté medals before they were presented to each inductee.

Diocesan Director of Stewardship Matt Potter presented each candidate to Bishop Siegel for induction into the Bruté Society.

“These men and women have been nominated by their fellow parishioners, who regard them as outstanding models of Christian stewardship,” Potter said. “They all have a long history of giving generously of their very selves to strengthen the work of the church within their parishes. They are known to be a people of deep faith, not of passive faith, but one which comes alive in their dedication to, participation in and support of the mission of the church, both local and universal.”

For more information on the Brute Society, visit https://www.evdio.org/brute-society.html.

St. Benedict Cathedral in Evansville hosted the Nov. 7 Bruté Society Mass and induction ceremony.


Bruté Society inductees

Special to The Message

Following is a list of the Diocese of Evansville Bruté Society inductees by parish.

All Saints, Evansville: Mike and Gloria Niehaus; Bonnie Wink. 

Annunciation of the Lord, Evansville: Martha Diedrich; Larry and Madonna Preske. 

Blessed Sacrament, Oakland City: John A. Oliver. 

Christ the King, Ferdinand: Barb and Gary Gehlhausen; Matt and Heather Tretter; Lois and Robert Meyer. 

Corpus Christi, Evansville: Richard and Rhonda Baumgart; Craig and Tara Blessinger. 

Divine Mercy Parish, St. Anthony: Jeff and Lindsay Verkamp; Kelly Schroering. 

Good Shepherd, Evansville: Rose Mary Deig; John and Mary Ann Smith; Cecelia Crane. 

Holy Cross, Fort Branch: Maureen Dix. 

Holy Family, Jasper: Gene and Kitty Recker; Harold and Barbara Schipp.

Holy Name of Jesus, Bloomfield: Benjamin and Nicole Cook. 

Holy Redeemer: Heath and Emily Hamilton; Nancy Duncan. 

Holy Rosary, Evansville: Luis and Nancy Londono; Mike Blake; Don Mosbey.

Our Lady of Hope, Washington: Ronald Beckman; Barbara Fyffe-Risch.

Precious Blood, Jasper: Jane Persohn; Bill and Missy Krempp.  

Resurrection, Evansville: Gilbert and Marcia Jochem; Paulette A. Meuth. 

St. Benedict, Evansville: Martha Deuerling; Steve and Melanie Kincaid; Jane Ann Reinitz. 

St. Bernard, Snake Run: James and Janet Schmitt. 

St. Bernard, Rockport: Michael and Barbara Obermeier. 

St. Boniface, Evansville: Wayne and Diane Emge; Steve and Rita Moore.

St. Clement, Boonville: Dennis and Angie McVey. 

St. Francis of Assisi, Dale: Michael A. and Mary S. Gogel; Doris Gries. 

St. Francis Xavier, Poseyville: Jeffrey and Edith Creek. 

St. Francis Xavier, Vincennes: Mary E. Ernst; Debbie and Chad Thomas; Pat and Larry West. 

St. Isidore, Celestine: Steve and Marla Sander; Robert Rasche. 

St. James, Haubstadt: Jane Ann and Howard Kiefer. 

St. John the Evangelist, Daylight: Keith and Charlotte Seger; Janet and Paul Wagner. 

St. John the Evangelist, Loogootee: Charles and Carolyn Buxton; George W. Erler, Jr. (Bud). 

St. John the Baptist, Newburgh: John Corressell; Donald Howard II;  Patricia Krack;  Connie Pierce. 

St. Joseph, Jasper: Lucille Blume; Lynne Bohnert; Anne and Kenny Brosmer.  

St. Joseph, Princeton: David E. and Janet B. Oldham; Jack and Denise Kramer. 

St. Joseph, Vanderburgh County: Thomas and Donna Blythe; John and Jane Luigs.

St. Martin I, Chrisney: Lori Chew. 

St. Mary, Huntingburg: Ted and Jan O'Bryan; Steve and Bonnie Uebehlor.

St. Mary, Ireland: Greg and Jill Weidenbenner; Gene and Martha Schmitt.

St. Matthew, Mount Vernon: Frank and Margaret Liberti.  

St. Peter, Linton: Earl and Gloria Worland. 

St. Peter, Montgomery: Greg and Angie Traylor. 

St. Philip, Posey County: Mark and Jane Weinzapfel; Rusty and Jeanie Wildeman. 

St. Philip Neri, Bicknell: Kim and Carol Wampler. 

St. Wendel, St. Wendel: Dan and Liz Effinger; Patty and Mike Seibert. 

Sts. Mary and John, Evansville: Diane Weiss-Altstadt. 

Sts. Peter and Paul, Haubstadt: Karen Adams; Jerry and Patty Woehler. 

Sts. Peter and Paul, Petersburg: Kenny and Carla Beasley.