Diocese of Evansville 2023 Bruté Society inductees honored

By Megan Erbacher

The Message assistant editor

Twenty-five priests of the Diocese of Evansville joined Bishop Joseph M. Siegel at St. Benedict Cathedral Nov. 29 to concelebrate the 2023 Bruté Society Mass. Induction of the honorees into the Bruté Society immediately followed Mass. The Message photos by Tim Lilley

Bishop Joseph M. Siegel honored the Diocese of Evansville’s newest members of the Bruté Society by celebrating Mass and with an induction ceremony Nov. 19 at St. Benedict Cathedral in Evansville.

The Bruté Society annually recognizes individuals chosen by their parishes for their ongoing commitment to stewardship. It was established in 1990 as an official activity of the diocese, and it’s named for Servant of God Bishop Simon Bruté, who was appointed the first bishop of Vincennes in 1834. Membership in The Bruté Society is limited to laypersons who are registered members of a Diocesan parish.

During his homily, Bishop Siegel said each of us has been given many gifts and blessings by God, and we are called to be wise stewards of these gifts, using them well to serve God for the benefit of our families, our parish and ourselves.

Twenty-five priests of the diocese concelebrated Mass with Bishop Siegel. Deacon Caleb Scherzinger assisted, and Diocesan Director of Worship Matt Miller served as Master of Ceremonies. Servers for the Mass were Seminarian Nick Freyberger, Seminarian Jack Martin, and participants of the Diocesan Vocations Office Savio program, Braden Keck, Caleb Keele, James Keplinger and Evan Sexton.

Dr. Bill Blanke, Good Shepherd Parish, served as lector of the Mass. Gift bearers were Alan and Julie Lagree and their children, of St. John the Evangelist Parish in Loogootee.

Bishop Siegel began his homily with a common motto, “No pain, no gain,” which he noted is often associated with athletics but can apply to all aspects of our lives. He said it can refer to the time and energy it may take to learn to play an instrument, to excel in studies, or to advance in a career. All of these take effort, self-discipline and perseverance, Bishop Siegel said, which isn’t always going to be fun or comfortable.

Each of us has been given many gifts and blessings by God, Bishop Siegel said. Like the three servants in the day’s parable, he said we are called to be wise stewards of these gifts, using them well to serve God for the benefit of our families, our parish and ourselves.

Bishop Siegel blesses Bruté Society inductees Alan and Julie Lagree, and their children, who served as gift bearers.

This may require self-discipline and patience, Bishop Siegel said, moving beyond what is easy and comfortable to make a difference in our world, whether that world is our home, neighborhood, parish or society.

During his homily, Bishop Siegel congratulated this year’s new members. He said we recognize these men and women from around the diocese who, with God’s grace, have taken the day’s Gospel to heart and have recognized and used their gifts and talents for the mission of the church in their parishes.

We also celebrate current Bruté Society members, Bishop Siegel said, who continue to do outstanding work in their parishes, and members who are no longer with us but live out their faith by example in their families and parishes.

In conclusion, Bishop Siegel said it is the task of all of us to be good stewards of our blessings and talents. With God’s help, he said, may we use our gifts to support the mission Jesus Christ gave to his church by teaching his word, celebrating the sacraments, passing on the faith to the next generation and being of service to our brothers and sisters in Christ. He continued and said may we be inspired by the example of Servant of God Bishop Simon Bruté.

Diocesan Director of Stewardship Joe Paul Hayden said it was his “honor and privilege” to present each candidate to Bishop Siegel for induction into the Bruté Society.

Following their induction, Bishop Siegel blesses the new members of the Bruté Society, their families and guests.

Hayden said these men and women all have a long history of giving generously of themselves to strengthen the Church and their parish. He noted their dedication and participation in the work of the mission of the Church. 

After Mass, all were invited to a reception.

For more information on the Bruté Society, visit https://www.evdio.org/brute-society.html.


2023 Inductees of The Bruté Society 

Special to The Message

Following is a list of the 2023 inductees into The Bruté Society in the Diocese of Evansville. They appear in alphabetical order, by last names. Congratulations to all!

Jeff Adams, Sts. Peter & Paul, Petersburg; Sharon Adler, St. James; George and Brenda Ankenbrand, St. Bernard, Snake Run; Clay and Stephanie Armstrong, Precious Blood; Lee Askins and Toni Stricker-Askins, St. Joseph, Vanderburgh County; Hans and Phyllis Bauer, All Saints; John and Paula Baumgart, St. John the Evangelist, Daylight; Kathy Beck, Annunciation of the Lord; Keith Birchler, Precious Blood; Bill and Dana Blanke, Good Shepherd; Rick Bowling, St. John the Evangelist, Loogootee; Jan Burger, Holy Cross; Greg and Gini Combs, St. Benedict; Dave and Lisa Conner, St. John the Baptist, Newburgh; Martha Josephine Corn, Our Lady of Hope; Jane Ann Cox, Holy Redeemer; Joe DeKemper, St. Isidore the Farmer; Jenny and Dan DiLegge, Sts. Mary and John; Ben and Valerie Duttlinger, St. Bernard, Rockport; 

Trent and Kimberly Engbers, Holy Rosary; Brian and Missy Fleck, St. Mary, Ireland; Antoinette M. Frick, St. Mary, Huntingburg; Jason and Erin Gries, St. Boniface; Mark and Jane Hackert, St. Benedict; Ed and Brenda Hagedorn, St. Francis of Assisi; Rodger and Karissa Hale, St. Peter, Linton; Jerry and Jan Hamlin, Holy Family; Jeff & Leanne (Posthumously) Happe, St. Boniface; Malcolm Hartman, Blessed Sacrament; Tim and Lois Hasenour, St. James; Dan and Ann Herman, St. Francis Xavier, Vincennes; Tom and Diana Hoehn, St. Matthew; Dave Hollander, St. Martin I; David and Terri Hollinden, Christ the King; Alvin and Diane Hoppenjans, Christ the King; Donna Hurm, St. John the Baptist, Newburgh; Charlene Rodimel Johnson, Our Lady of Hope; 

Irma Kavanaugh, St. Peter, Montgomery; Kevin and Martha Keusch, St. Mary, Ireland; Mary Helen Knapp, Resurrection; Mary Lee Knies, Christ the King; Rick and Jenny Kuhn, Corpus Christi; Joe and Lisa Kuhn, St. John the Baptist, Newburgh; Alan and Julie Lagree, St. John the Evangelist, Loogootee; Les and Barbara Lorey, St. Joseph, Jasper; John and Ruby Manger, St. Joseph, Vanderburgh County; Henry and Lita Matick, St. Francis Xavier, Vincennes; Sharon Meyer, Divine Mercy; Rusty and Kathy Miller, Holy Redeemer; Larry and Carol Northenor, St. Francis of Assisi, Dale; Mary Payne, Good Shepherd; C. Paul and Mary Ellen Posthauer, Annunciation of the Lord; Sylvia Recker, Holy Family; Mario and Petra Rodriguez, St. Francis of Assisi, Dale; Roger and Sherry Rogge, All Saints; 

Jacqueline Sartore, Holy Rosary; John Scheller, St. Wendel; John Schmitt, St. Francis Xavier, Poseyville; Pam Schneider, St. Joseph, Jasper; Eileen Schnieders, Divine Mercy; David and Laurie Schnur, St. Clement; Dick and Marty Schuler, Good Shepherd; Judy Senninger, St. Isidore the Farmer; Russell and Kim Stinebaugh, St. Philip Neri; Matt and Stephanie Stoll, Sts. Peter & Paul, Haubstadt; Joe and Terry Stoltz, St. Philip; Tony and Nancy Thompson, St. Joseph, Princeton; Leon G. Tieken, St. Wendel; James and Cynthia Townsend, Corpus Christi; Ed and Kathy Vollmer, St. Mary, Ireland; Mona Wagner, St. Mary, Huntingburg; Leon Weber, Holy Rosary; Mark and Shari Weinzapfel, Resurrection; Bertha Wiles, Holy Name, Bloomfield; Raymond and Shirley Yochum, St. Francis Xavier, Vincennes; Sarah Zoglman, St. Joseph, Jasper.