Living in truth

“When we reject the deeds of darkness and do everything in the light of day, as light should, we give light to others by our actions. For the quality of holiness is shown not by what we say, but by what we do in life.” — St. Gregory of Nyssa

This column, “Gratitude for the Gift of Faith,” has been a blessing to me. I enjoy writing about the many ways faith has enhanced people’s lives to build up the Kingdom of God and His Church. God has created each unrepeatable human life with varied gifts to make this world a beautiful place. Do you recognize and enjoy the gifts God planned for you?

In the morning, I spend time on my screened porch listening to the sounds of nature waking up the world. It is a great way to begin the day with prayer. Our American flag is visible from my vantage point, and the stars and stripes are usually blowing in the early breeze. This flag represents more than words could express. If you love the United States of America you understand that this country and the U. S. Constitution were founded on Christian principles to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

In our current culture, it can be challenging to publically share thoughts about our faith in God, or our love for this country. For 244 years this Republic has fought for freedom and democracy. The achievements are indisputable. God’s patience and mercy for human weakness have surpassed 2,000 years of salvation history. If we sincerely and prayerfully ask for His help, God will not forsake our young country founded on Christian principles.

During times of inequality, honorable citizens took a stand to defend what was right for Americans. Civility has prevailed amid divisions of thought in our country with a goal toward unity. We are divided in so many ways today, and sadly there seems to be no resolve. Gratitude for my faith is something I never take for granted, and the importance of this gift has become even clearer in the year 2020.

Mother Teresa once stated that we were the poorest nation on earth for allowing abortion to be known as women’s reproductive healthcare, and in doing so, disregarding the dignity of human life. This divisive issue leads to immoral choices — not health choices. People need to understand that the mercy of God is more powerful than any decision we make in life. More than any time in American history, all people of faith need to be united. Nothing should cloud our judgment in the bigger picture of God’s plan for life and our country. There is a spiritual battle in place, and God gave us the rules we need for the conflict. In the Ten Commandments, it is very clear, “Thou shall not kill.” What if this one issue, this one choice, was God’s test for determining our individual salvation?

The year 2020 is unique and challenging in many ways, but the real American spirit has not been diminished. I believe that most Americans love and enjoy this beautiful country, and they want the same freedom for their family and future loved ones. When people of faith — all Christian denominations are united in keeping our country as one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all — then we truly can be the greatest nation on earth. We have a lot to pray about, and so much to protect in the days leading up to this election. For the quality of holiness is shown not by what we say, but by what we do in life. God bless America — now and forever! Amen!