Meet seminarian Tyler Underhill

By Tyler Underhill

Special to The Message

First Theology, Pontifical North American College 

Home parish: Our Lady of Hope, Washington

Being the oldest of four, I enjoyed helping around the house and working outside. I spent many hours with my grandparents, who were major influences in my faith life.

I first heard a call to priesthood at a young age, but that would taper off until around the sixth or seventh grade when I regularly served for Masses. As a young altar boy, many people told me I would make a good priest.

I preferred to work during my time in high school at Washington Catholic. Going to a Catholic school provided me with many opportunities for faith formation. I was able to regularly attend Mass, volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul and help teach religious education.

As soon as I was able to apply to seminary my senior year of high school, I did.

Seminary was, for the most part, how I expected it to be. I had made several visits beforehand, so I knew the ropes to some degree. What I didn’t expect were all of the many great adventures and friendships I would make.

The most helpful thing you can do to encourage vocations is to first pray, but then also encourage young men to consider the vocation of priesthood, starting with your own family.