New column focuses on marriage, family and life issues

By Eric Girten

The Catholic Kitchen is a new column for Catholics of all stages that will cover topics particularly related to marriage, family and life issues (pretty broad, right?). Once a month I will dish up a Catholic topic to be discussed over a nice plate of hot vittles and a beverage of your choice.

Growing up, the Catholic kitchen in our own home was a school of sorts in my early formation. I would bet that many of you experienced similar situations. Interestingly enough, however, there are many who did not have this experience; and so we will all sit down once a month at this common table to chat about something interesting.

Whether you have three minutes to catch some Catholic info or three hours to sit and pray, this column should be right up your alley. Whether you are learning about the Catholic Church or feel that you might be on your way out the door, just keep this on your reading list. So, get ready for next month because we aren’t going to waste any time diving right into the deep end. If you have any questions in the meantime, email me at

The prayer suggestion for this month is to pray for marriages in our diocese. The suggested resource for this month is “The Case for Jesus” by Brant Pitre.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us.