Parkinson’s Disease educational group announces Evansville program

By The Message staff

The Parkinson’s Disease Self-Efficacy Learning Forum has announced a program of monthly educational modules that will begin on Sept. 14 and run through April 2020. Sessions are scheduled for 9 a.m. to Noon Central Time in the conference room (located next to elevators) of Deaconess Gateway Hospital in Newburgh.

PD SELF gradually introduces self-efficacy — the confidence a person has in their ability to achieve a desired result — as the user advances through the modules. Over the eight modules, participants learn how to use the four modes of self-efficacy development to master their own relationship to Parkinson’s.

A Field Guide is included for each session and the materials and session are free for both the person with Parkinson’s and their Care Partner.

Following are the dates and module topics:

  • Sept. 14: Adapting to PD
  • Oct. 5: Acquiring Self-Efficacy
  • Nov. 9: Creating Your Personal Health Care Network
  • Dec. 21: Benefiting from Exercise & Neuroplasticity
  • Jan. 11: Understanding PD Medications and Treatments
  • Feb. 8: Understanding Non-motor Symptoms
  • March 14: Strengthening the Relationship PWP & Care Partner
  • April 4: Going Forward

Candidates for the PD SELF Program should meet the following criteria:

  • Recent diagnosis of Parkinson's disease (i.e. within 3 years)
  • Enjoy learning, interested in improving the quality of their life
  • Ability to actively engage in group activities and discussions
  • Can commit to attending at least 80% of the 8 sessions
  • Have an email and the ability to conduct email correspondence
  • No limiting co-morbidities (additional illnesses or conditions that might prevent full participation in the program)

Online registration is available at