Resurrection School holds virtual fire drill April 2

Special to The Message

On April 2, Resurrection School families received a newsletter to alert them an April fire drill would be happening, but virtually.

The Beyer kids line-up to let everyone know all students are accounted for at their home during the virtual fire drill. Submitted photo

It occurred to Resurrection School Principal Theresa Berendes that her students are accustomed to participating in a monthly fire drill. So, she thought, why not complete one virtually? It not only allowed time for outside play on a sunny spring day, Berendes said, but completing a virtual fire drill at their homes also provided a brain break from virtual extended-learning lessons.

Resurrection School families set alarms for 3 p.m. for the fire drill. Berendes said some families made their home fire alarms go off, while others sounded off air horns to alert their children it was time for the fire drill.

Once outdoors, Berendes instructed families to enjoy being outside for at least 10 minutes to soak up the sunshine and release some energy.

“The weather was perfect for such an activity,” Berendes said. “Resurrection students needed to take a break from their e-learning lessons. A great time was had by all.”

Berendes asked families and educators to take selfies and send photos of their at-home fire drills.

The Bonham family during the virtual fire drill. Submitted photo

Families and educators were creative with their virtual fire drill photos. Many teaches expressed sadness in missing their students, some held signs saying they had 11 students unaccounted for since everyone was practicing safe social distancing at their own homes and one teacher displayed the stop, drop and roll fire safety technique. As for the students, some stood in a line
with their siblings and a sign that read: “All students accounted,” and another family had a child dressed as a fireman.

“Our teachers are sad that they didn't have their students with them, but our students don't look one bit sad today,” school officials said on Facebook. “We love seeing so many students outside playing today.”

During this time of crisis, Berendes said schools are looking for ways to stay connected with their students and families.

“We will all get through this crisis together,” she reassured her school community.

Resurrection School teacher Nancy Mills practices the stop, drop and roll fire safety technique during the school’s virtual fire drill on April 2. Submitted photo