Serra Club announces Youth Service Awards

Special to The Message

The Serra Club of Evansville is proud to announce the recipients of its 2023 Youth Service Award, presented annually to eighth-grade students in diocesan schools and religious-education programs.

The Youth Service Award recognizes students for Christian leadership, Christian formation and community involvement.  It is important to recognize the service of our students because it is from service that vocations grow. Vocations to the priesthood and religious life depend especially upon one’s inner-developed desire to serve others and to give of oneself.

This year’s honorees are:

Annunciation Parish – Holy Spirit School

Josie Thomas, daughter of Shawn and Susan Thomas

Corpus Christi Parish

Reid Boehman, son of Jake and Carrie Boehman

Ruby Sammet, daughter of Mike and Sara Sammet

Good Shepherd Parish

Catherine Elpers, daughter of Brad and Elizabeth Elpers

Braden Keck, son of Troy and Elizabeth Keck

Holy Cross Parish, Ft. Branch

Meredith Mann, daughter of Jeremy and Becky Mann

Paige Schnaus, daughter of Ared and Jennifer Schnaus

Holy Redeemer Parish

Leah Heldman, daughter of Kevin and Marilyn Heldman

Dominic McKenzie, son of Brendan and Laura McKenzie

Holy Rosary Parish

Devin Payne, son of Doug and Brandy Payne

Brandon Schnur, son of Daniel and Julie Schnur

Holy Trinity Parish, Jasper

Tyler Pinkstaff, son of Chris and Stephanie Pinkstaff

Sawyer Reckelhoff, son of Scott and Holly Reckelhoff

Resurrection Parish

Vincent Bell, son of Philip and Gracie Bell

Kennedi Hurt, daughter of Chad and Lindsey Hurt

Rivet Middle School, Vincennes

Madison Will, daughter of Jeremy and Sarah Will

Max Weiss, son of David and Molly Weiss

St. Benedict Cathedral Parish

Benjamin Clements, son of Richard and Amy Clements

Emma Early, daughter of Ben and Kimberly Early

St. John the Baptist Parish, Newburgh

Audra Hague, daughter of Ralph and Diane Hague, Jr.

Allison Niehaus, daughter of Chris and Liz Niehaus

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Haubstadt

Kate Parmer, daughter of Matthew and Amy Parmer

Crewe Hasenour, son of Ryan and Sarah Hasenour

St. Philip Parish

Annabel Knaebel, daughter of Tim and Kelli Knaebel

St. Wendel Parish

Daniel Sieben, son of Roger and Jennifer Sieben

Westside Catholic School, St. Boniface Parish

Zoe Wathen, daughter of Amy Hackworth and Caleb Wathen

Draven Hamilton, son of Jennifer Hamilton and Eric Hamilton