St. Henry Church gets a makeover

Special to The Message

For more than a year, members of Christ the King Parish could not attend Masses at St. Henry Church in St Henry – because St. Henry got a makeover!

Father Anthony Govind, administrator of Christ the King Parish, welcomes everyone to the 7:30 a.m. Mass July 31 in St. Henry Church, St. Henry. Submitted photos

Workers made needed repairs to the interior of the church, and they completed minor renovations of the sanctuary and altars. All of the pews were removed and refinished, and the entire church was repainted. New carpeting and a new sound system completed the project.

Members of the parish told The Message that the project reflected a true community effort, with many parishioners making contributions.

During the project, all Christ the King Parish Masses and other liturgies occurred at St. Ferdinand Church in Ferdinand, about four miles east of St. Henry. Christ the King Parish formed in 2017 when the former St. Ferdinand Parish and the former St. Henry Parish merged. 

Father Anthony Govind, administrator of Christ the King Parish, celebrated the first Mass at St. Henry following the makeover on July 31. 

Gus McAninch, left, Will Roesner, and Shelby, Audrey and Mark McAninch put covers on new Missalettes in preparation for the first Mass at St. Anthony Church after its makeover. 


Members of the choir who performed during the first Mass include Camille Fleming, first row left, Alexis Paulin, Katie Keller, Rachel Hollinden, Annabelle Giesler Paige Riehle, Margaret Fleming, second row left, Catie Fleming, Shelby Steckler and Jeanne Rush, choir director and organist. Hannah Sitzman who served as cantor, is not pictured. 


Father Anthony, right, accepts the offertory gifts from Christian Mothers officers Eric Hohl, Margaret Fleming and Terri Hollinden.