Welcoming a new school year ‘Anchored in Faith’

By Michelle Priar

Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Evansville

Special to The Message

Where did the summer go?!

It’s hard to believe the time has rolled around again to begin a new school year. Several schools in the Diocese of Evansville have already celebrated their first day back, while the rest will all be in session by Aug. 10. Administrators have worked hard to welcome back returning students and educators, as well as help new ones acclimate and feel at home. The diocese is blessed to have over 50 new teachers; and while the enrollment numbers are still being calculated, it looks like student enrollment will be up again this school year.

Some of you may know that schools in our diocese celebrate a theme each year. This year’s theme is “Anchored in Faith.” It’s a theme that, I think, conjures up beautiful imagery. Our faith keeps us steady, grounded, and secure in who we know God wants us to be. Being anchored in our faith is central to who we are and what we do as Catholic schools. Those of us who teach and support students in a Catholic school have a unique opportunity. We can help set a foundation of our Catholic faith firmly in the students we come in contact with every day; and in doing so, we grow in our own faith life as well. 

We’re excited about the opportunities that come with this new school year. We’re blessed to have strong partnerships with families, as well as dedicated and mission-driven teachers and administrators who strive to give students as many opportunities to grow and become the best version of themselves as possible. 

With the new school year underway, we appreciate your continued prayers for our students and their families, the faculty and staff of our 26 schools, and all those who partner with us to provide a Catholic education for approximately 7,000 students throughout our diocese. With Bishop Siegel’s leadership and the strong support from our school pastors, Catholic schools in our diocese are solid and will continue to be Anchored in Faith!